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We’re here today to explain the benefits of a strong and healthy core.

So,  why strengthen your core? Well, think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain that connects your upper and lower body. Whether a motion starts in your upper body, or your lower body…that motion ripples upward and downward to adjoining links of the chain, passing through (or originating) in your core. Therefore, if your core is weak, it impairs how well your entire body works. A weak core can lead to dysfunctional movement, decreased or improper muscle activation, decreased balance and stability and injury throughout the body (not just in the core).

Properly building core muscles helps you to:
1) Complete every day acts with ease/ pain-free. Think about moping the floor, reaching to get a can off of a high shelf, bending down to pick something up, gardening, housework, etc. Anything that requires bending, lifting, twisting, carrying; these motions all require core strength

2) A healthy back is created through core-work. When we think of our core, we typically think of our abs, and omit the opposite side of our body, the back. Back pain can be debilitating, affecting our work and home life, and can be prevented by strengthening the core.

3) Hobbies and leisure activities. Activities that bring joy to our lives such as golfing, running, swimming, walking, baseball, tennis, basketball, etc., all require core strength. Our ability to perform these activities effectively, and pain free revolves around proper core function.

4) Balance, stability, and posture. The core is the main stabilizing feature of the body and helps you to move in any direction without losing your balance. Maintaining a strong core through aging is essential as it helps to decrease the likelihood of falling. Additionally, maintaining a strong core decreases slouching and stress on the low back, allowing you to breath deeply and sit/ stand/ move pain free.

5) Exercise. A strong core allows you to get the most out of exercise. Want to squat deeply, press or pull most effectively? Well, a strong core is the answer.

So, now that you know why having a strong core is important, here are some exercises to help build core strength!


Core Burner

Complete 3-4 Rounds
5 knee strikes (L,R, center= 1 rep).
5 right/5 left full sit-ups with rotation
12 total Russian twists
10-12 Front squats

If you don’t have a medicine ball, no worries! Increase the rep count and do the same exercises!

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