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Eating a well-balanced diet is essential when it comes to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Often, our busy schedules dictate when, how and what we eat...sometimes leading to less than healthy options. It is our goal to remove roadblocks to healthy eating, by providing you with weekly meal options!

We believe in creating nutritious, well-balanced, flavorful meals using whole ingredients. Our meals will leave you feeling satisfied and fueled throughout your busy day!

Oh, and you won't find any additives or preservatives in our meals, just real food. We promise to use high quality products in all of our meals; organic veggies, grass-fed organic beef, pasture-raised chicken, wild-caught fish.

Do you have food allergies, sensitivities, or eat a special diet? Let us know, and we will cater to your needs.


MENU FOR 11/18-11/23

Meal Pick-Up  Monday's 4:30-6:30 or the rest of the week 9:30-1:30! Come-in and grab some meals and a fresh smoothie to go, or stay and eat here!


Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo $12

Brown rice fetuccine noodles and sautéed shrimp in a cauliflower alfredo sauce.





Roasted Carrot and Radicchio Salad $12

Roasted rainbow carrots and radicchio, toasted pistachios, and fig-balsamic vinaigrette with grilled pork loin served over a bed of greens.

V option with tempeh (soy)

contains: tree nuts


Sweet Potato Grain Bowl $12

Roasted sweet potato, brown rice, baby spinach, grilled chicken breast, toasted sesame seeds, sliced avocado, and peanut sauce.

 V option with air-fryed chickpeas

contains: peanuts



Curried Butternut Squash Soup $10

Pureed butternuts squash, coconut milk, curry spices, maple syrup, and coconut milk with ground sausage.

V option with no sausage



Cinnamon Apple Energy Balls $12

Dated, dried apples, GF rolled oats, walnuts, and cinnamon. 12-count.

*contains: tree nuts

Vanilla Cranberry Granola $7

GF Rolled oats, coconut oil, dried-cranberries, pecans, vanilla, coconut flakes and cinnamon.

 contains: tree nuts


Walnut Brownies $12

Dates, walnuts, and cacao powder come together to make a favorite treat healthy. 12-count.

 contains: tree nuts



Cherry Chia Overnight Oats $7

GF Rolled oats, almond milk, toasted walnuts, chia seeds, cherries, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

contains: tree nuts








Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet

 Potatoes $8

Oven roasted sweet potato stuffed with lentils, ground beef, onion, green bell pepper, tomato puree, dijon, and maple syrup.

V option of lentils available

contains: tree nuts, peanuts


Grilled Chicken with Carrot and Green Bean Fries $8

Lightly seasoned grilled chicken breast with air-fryed carrots and green beans.



Chocolate Chip Granola Bars $8

GF oats, sliced almonds, peanut butter, honey, mini dark chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla, and sea salt.

*contains: tree nuts, peanut




Cauliflower Mushroom Bowls w/ Sliced Brisket $12

Smoked briskets, roasted broccoli and cremini mushrooms with pesto and pomegranate seeds.

contains: tree nuts

Cal: 450 Fat 38 g Nets Carbs: 4 g Pro: 23 g


Shrimp and Chorizo Spaghetti Squash Bowl $12

Spaghetti squash “noodles”, chorizo, sautéed shrimp, lime juice, and Cajun seasoning.

Cal: 252 Fat 14 g Nets Carbs: 7 g Pro: 22 g


Coconut Chicken Curry Bowl $12

Coconut curry chicken served over cauliflower rice.

Cal: 564 Fat: 48 g Net Carbs: 6 g Pro: 16 g    





Italian Meatballs w/ Pesto Zoodles $12

Zucchini noodles, “cheesy” pesto, and ground pork meatballs.

Cal: 353 Fat: 21 g Net Carbs: 9 g Pro: 32 g  

contains: tree nuts, egg            


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding $5

Chia seeds, peanut butter, cacao powder, unsweetened almond milk, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon.

Cal: 459 Fat: 21 g Net Carbs: 5 g Pro: 11 g



Thin Mints $12

Almond flour, chocolate, and peppermint extract make up a keto-friendly version of your favorite girl-scout cookie. 12-count.

 contains nuts, eggs

Cal: 116 Fat: 10 g Net Carbs: 4 g Pro: 3 g


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes $5

Almond flour, coconut flour, cinnamon, erythritol, eggs, and unsweetened almond milk. 3-count.

contains: tree nuts, eggs

Cal: 125 Fat: 7 g NC: 0.5 g Pro: 7 g


Rosemary Bagels $12

Almond flour, eggs, and fresh rosemary come together to make a keto-friendly bagel. 

contains: tree nuts, eggs

 Cal: 285 Fat: 23 g NC: 4.5 g Pro:13g




Lentil Mushroom Stew $10

Green lentils, veggie broth, mushrooms, garlic, onion, red wine and savory spices served over mashed sweet potatoes.



Red Beans and Rice $10

Red beans, brown rice, green bell pepper, celery, and savory spices with house-made corn muffins.

contains: corn


  Greek Moussaka $10

Eggplant, chickpeas, green lentils, walnuts, tomatoes, parsley, red wine, veggie broth, GF bread crumbs with cashew béchamel sauce and hemp walnut parmesan.

contains: tree nuts


Thanksgiving Burgers $10

Tempeh, white beans, roasted butternut squash, brussels, pecan, and dried cranberries blended into burgers and topped with quick pickled onion, lettuce, mustard, and cranberry sauce with carrot fries.

contains: tree nuts, soy


Pumpkin Chia Pudding $4

Pumpkin puree, chia seeds, coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, unsweetened almond milk, maple, and vanilla.



Apple Spice Hemp Muffins $10

Whole-grain spelt flour, oat flour, hemp seeds, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg, unsweetened almond milk, maple, apple sauce, and raisin. 6-count.

contains: wheat



Tofu Scramble $8

Crumbled tofu, sautéed kale, and roasted golden potatoes with salsa and “cheesy” spices.

contains: soy


Pumpkin Hummus and Cinnamon-Coconut Sugar Pita Chips $4

Chickpeas, white beans, pumpkin puree, tahini, salt, and savory spices with cinnamon sugar Ezekiel pita chips

contains: wheat



Allergen Disclaimer: Before placing your order, please inform us of any food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please be advised that while we use gluten-free ingredients in all of our meals, that our products are prepared in an environment where wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts dairy, shellfish, eggs and other known allergens may be present.

Order your meals today for weekly!

  • Please place all orders by 5:00 on Thursday 11/14
  •  Meals will be ready for pick-up at Trinity Kitchen during these pick-up windows:
    • 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Monday 11/18
    • 9:30 and 1:00 p.m on Tuesday 11/19

Order your meals today for monthly!

  • Please place all orders by 5:00 on Thursday 11/14
  •  Meals will be ready for pick-up at Trinity Kitchen during these pick-up windows:
    • 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Monday 11/18
    • 9:30 and 1:00 p.m on Tuesday 11/19

Pick-up location: Trinity Kitchen

15220 N Western Ave Ste. G, Edmond, OK 73013
(Previously Chili Pepper Cafe)

Hours of operation:

Monday 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00


Cooking Classes

At Trinity, we have a passion for teaching and a passion for preparing delicious and nutritious meals. We would love to combine both of our 'loves' by catering a cooking class to you! Let us know what types of cooking classes spark your interest and we'll do our best to put them into action!


Did you know that Trinity Kitchen also caters? Inquire about having your holiday party or special event catered by your favorite Trinity Chefs! Smoked turkey, vegan rainbow pad Thai, pumpkin bread, spring rolls or pie... you name it, we'll make it happen!