Small Group Training

Trinity Exercise Studio offers Small group training sessions for youth ages 5 – 18.

Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and each session is $5 per student.

A minimum of 5 students is requested.

What to Expect

We promise to offer a fun training session every time that is both safe and effective.
We offer one-on-one training sessions as well as small group training for 5 or more individuals. We can accommodate your training needs at one of our two locations or in-home/off-site.


One Session Weekly (4 classes per month)
A group of 5 – 10 students required to registed
PREPAID $40/month per student

Two Sessions Weekly (8 classes per month
A group of 5 – 10 students is required to register
PREPAID $80/month per student

Training Options:

Strength and Conditioning 101 Participants will develop gross motor movements and an understanding of proper lifting techniques with free weights, barbells, TRX and strength training machines.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & SPARQ(Speed Agility Reaction Quickness) Both HIIT and SPARQ help to develop the athlete off the field or court for optimal performance through a variety of drills and use of the TRX.

Cardio Strength Stretch or Fusion Class Each session is broken into three 15-minute segments for a full body workout that includes a component of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility. The benefit of this fusion class is that it exposes the student to a wide variety of styles including rhythmic movements as well as the basics of cardiovascular and strength training with the use of tubing, dumbbells, BOSU’s, medicine balls and TRX.

Kickboxing The foundations of kickboxing help to develop full-body movement and coordination, as well as strength and cardiovascular endurance and timing. This interval-format class uses a variety of equipment for a great full-body workout.

Strength and Stretch This fusion class begins with strength training exercises followed by a good stretch.

Yoga and Pilates Fusion  No cardio component to this class. Focus on lengthening, strengthening and toning the full body using both yoga stretches and Pilates exercises.

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